Football (soccer) is a game of two teams of eleven players, in which, at the end, Real Madrid wins…

Kiev, May 26th, 2018

He almost could not believe his fortune. As a player, he won everything – champions league, european championship and even world cup. Most of the players just hang their boots after their career ends and enjoy the money they earned. But not him. He wanted to stay. In some way. He was not sure if it was a good idea to start managing. But it was fun! And it went well. Of course, managing the B club of Real Madrid was not such a big deal. The big deal came two years later.

From the start of it, he knew it would be difficult. And it was. Sometimes, he wished he had fewer stars in the team. All these big egos. Fortunately his history helped a lot. Who would argue with best European footballer of the last 50 years.  

La liga was a catastrophe this year. But who cares? Who cares after this? Today he made a history. He stays with Madrid for the next two years. Winning champions league as a player is great. Winning it even as a manager is excellent. Winning it three times in a row in the first team you manage, that is just a dream. But nothing, nothing compares to world cup. Two more years. And then France, his lovely France. It is a last thing he wants to win. It is actually the last thing he can win, anyway. But for now, he will enjoy his life. And there is lot to enjoy.

“Zizu” looked at the sky, thanking the heavens for his fortune, for the fortune to be in Real thinking that the encyclopedia should probably temporarily redefine the definition of the word football (soccer). For now it should go like this “Football (soccer) – a game of two teams of eleven players, in which, at the end, Real Madrid wins”.